Chillin in the park

Sippin that lean yea I ain’t

DC Bud what the fuxk you mean/

My name is P

I have a lot of kindness

I feel respected

Call me your highness/

Shout out Marshmellow

Shout out drake Shout

out the women who make us cake/

Follow shots.up on

Instagram if you are a

real man/

yea I’m in the projects

I don’t understand

I got my chains you

see the money man

you fat look at us tummy/

Rappin with my

homies feeling nice

flexing on you haters

look at my ice


My mother Latha, grew up in Bandaragama, a village not too far from Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. This was the 40’s. The wealthiest man in the village owned an elephant . His name was Raja (meaning the King) . According to my mothers accounts Raja was the tallest tamed elephant in Sri Lanka. The village was very proud of Raja . But Raja also came at a cost to the village. About twice a year Raja would become very fierce and out of control. During this period he would let himself lose and run around the village destroying people’s plantations , vegetations and on occasions he has even killed his mahout ( the care taker) and other villagers. My mom says that she enjoyed these days when the village was under the ‘Raja’ curfew because she was excused from school :-). During one of these days my moms dad was driving his new car when he saw a crowd of people running towards him. They told my grandfather to leave the car and run with them to the paddy field because Raja was after them . My grandfather ran with them reluctantly leaving the car behind. Paddy fields are safe from elephants because they know they can sink in the mud . So every one watched Raja from the paddy field horrified , and expected him to destroy the car . But my grandfather got lucky , because as Raja was about to step on the car, he got distracted by a sound that came from the opposite direction and decided to continue running that way.

In my memory

In my memory

I recall it to be perfect

To be one person,

Or to be something

just once

Did I begin?

Or beyond that?

Thank you heartfelt lies,

Now I don’t know how

to heal -

I’m broken inside

Imagine Love

imagine love

now what?

get over it

how about never?

time for a drink


My Daughter






Loves laughing



She’s my everything, she’s the best gift ever, my baby girl